The FTCNC welcomes members from all walks of life, who are at least eighteen years of age, are enthusiastic about the breeds, and are in good standing with the American Kennel Club.

The FTCNC welcomes individuals having experience, or just a willingness to help, with any of the following: events, dog shows, fundraising, newsletter publishing, website publishing, the hosting of meetings, and with Rescue. Though the Club’s primary purpose is to represent the members, breeders, and exhibitors in our immediate area, we’re proud to extend Affiliate Memberships to all corners of the globe.

We rely on your support to sustain this organization. The FTCNC is self-funded.

Submit your tax-deductible FTCNC membership dues and confirm your email address TODAY and you will automatically be registered for a chance to win a luxurious 4-day and 3-night stay for your Fox Terrier at a private Ultra Suite (valued at $480) courtesy of Wag Hotels—our official membership sponsor—in San Francisco, Oakland, Redwood City, and Sacramento. First log in, then click here to join or renew.

Membership is available in two levels:

(Remember, all contributions to the FTCNC are tax-deductible!)

Individual members have access to FTCNC’s numerous resources, as well as our newsletter, Foxtales, which contains informational updates about such important topics as canine health issues, show dates, upcoming events, meetings and humorous anecdotes about our four-legged friends (and those who love them). Participation and regular attendance at meetings and events are encouraged. It is an outstanding way to become more knowledgeable about the breed, grooming, showing, as well as pet ownership. Most of all, it’s fun!
Affiliate membership  is a non-voting membership is designed for persons not residing in our immediate area, or persons unable to regularly attend meetings; however, can still appreciate having access to FTCNC’s canine-related resources and receiving our newsletter, Foxtales.

Payment Methods

Dues (and other donations) can be paid using PayPal™ or by mailing a check. Dues payments by cash or check are also accepted at any FTCNC event.

[Note: As a registered tax-exempt organization, the FTCNC now receives a substantial discount on all PayPal™ processing fees. You can pay your dues using PayPal™ even if you are not a PayPal™ member. If PayPal™ does not allow you to pay as a non-PayPal™ member, you may need to clear your cache and cookies, or update your browser.]

Personal Check:

To pay by check, simply download and complete the Dues Request Form. Mail it, along with your check, to:

FTCNC Membership Chairperson
P.O. Box 794
Palo Alto, CA  94302


Log in, then click here to pay by PayPal, and fill in the appropriate form fields to make your payment.

If you have any troubles paying dues online, please send an email to the webmaster.

The FTCNC would like to thank all past dues payers, and express special appreciation to all Trophy Fund donors for their extra financial support and devotion to the Club.

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