Rescue dogs are adult Fox Terriers in need of new homes. All FTCNC rescue dogs are professionally kenneled in Northern California. Each dog is neutered (males) or spayed (females) before being placed in a home. These adult dogs can range in age—generally from 2 to 9 years—as well as temperament and personality. Not all dogs are housebroken. There is a nominal donation requested when adopting a Fox Terrier.

Every dog has different requirements or needs. Dogs are evaluated for temperament and health issues, and will be placed with appropriate, well-matched, homes and families.

For liability reasons, Fox Terrier Rescue WILL NOT SHIP rescue dogs.

Fox Terrier Rescue welcomes your generous donations. As a registered California not-for-profit organization, all contributions to Fox Terrier Rescue are tax-deductible.

For rescue, adoption, or donation information, please contact:

Ms. Lisa Romano
(Rescue Committee Chairperson)
Email Lisa Romano

Ms. Liz McGrath (Rescue Committee)


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