The FTCNC encourages an open exchange between its members — including those who own show dogs or family pets — as well as with affiliate organizations to promote the breed and betterment of the organization.

The FTCNC holds regular Membership and Board Meetings each year.  The times and locations are posted on the Events section of this web site. Meetings are hosted by a Club member, and special consideration to geographical diversity is given when planning meetings and events in San Francisco, Marin, the Peninsula, East Bay, and Sacramento areas. The FTCNC also hosts two popular and prestigious Specialty Shows each year, one in April and the other in September. Fun Days bring out the best in all members, and their dogs, as the Club celebrates, plays games, and competes in races and in contests alongside our four-legged companions. All events, meetings, and resources are made available to all members via Foxtales, the Club’s newsletter.


The FTCNC leadership meets regularly in San Francisco, Marin, the Peninsula or the East Bay. All FTCNC members are encouraged to attend, learn about the Board and it’s committees, and get involved. Meeting dates and times are posted on the Events page, and in each Club newsletter. The FTCNC leadership consists of a 7 member Board of Directors (four of whom serve in an executive capacity known as Officers) and numerous committee chairpersons. Leadership elections and appointments are held each winter, and are open to all paid members of the FTCNC community, including spouses/partners and parents. Officers and Directors are elected to one-year terms. Chairpersons are appointed for a one-year term. The current Club leaders are:

President:           Kirk Lively
Vice-President:    Lisa Romano
Secretary:           Missy Leathers
Treasurer:           Cory Iwatsu
Board:                Bill McFadden
Board:                James von Rittmann
Board:                Carol Lerner

Interested in serving in a leadership capacity? It is extremely rewarding, a terrific way to network, and looks sensational on a resume. Contact FTCNC Secretary Missy Leathers.

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